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laboratory services

Lab Checkup Equipment

Lab Merger

As grace has proven successful track record, we extend invitation to merge your existing laboratory with our Grace brand and witness as nothing succeeds like success.
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Laboratory Collection In Vadodara

Laboratory Franchisee for Testing Unit

With technical know –how from Grace brand and all preset lucrative business model, you can commence testing unit (hub) in your district city and lead.
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Laboratory Collection

Laboratory Franchisee for Collection Center

With hard core believe by Grace brand with proven model as low investments and high returns, one can open collection center(spoke) under the belt of grace
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Medical Camp Symbol

Need Camp to Organize

We invite you to organize camp by connecting with Grace as it has already done mega camps resulting in more brand visibility and connectivity
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Join Hands With Us

Hospital Sample Collection

With veteran experience by Grace handling pathological solutions and hospital collection, please do not hesitate to contact us for blood test sample collections and tests for your esteemed hospital.
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