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Pregnancy Blood Test


A Complete Guide on Pregnancy Blood Test From First Step to Confirming Pregnancy

The term pregnancy is associated with the length of the time baby is in the uterus. The fetus’s ( baby) development period inside the womb or uterus is in-between 39 to 40 weeks( 9 months) or approximately 288 days. The fertilization of a female egg by a male sperm is called pregnancy.

  • In ancient times- Childbirths were managed at home which was extremely painful and dangerous for both the mother and the child. So far during those times, most pregnancies end in death, miscarriage, and abortions. However, the advent of medical knowledge has remarkably evolved from ancient times to the modern era. 
  • Modern Era- The fundamentals of pregnancy remain the same; however, the advancement in medical science gives you more detailed information and ensures your and your baby’s health well being. Today, in this blog, we will be covering a detailed understanding of Pregnancy Blood Test.

Outlook of the Article- Modern science and technology have cut rooted the cultural, and religious beliefs of ancient times and provided a much safer experience for the expectant mothers.

  • The article is all about the same covering the aspects of the pregnancy test, its procedure, types, and the risks involved. 
  • Most importantly, the article will also highlight the reputed pathology center in Vadodara for a pregnancy test enabling more precise and accurate test result details. 
  • Starting with the absolute basics of what is a pregnancy blood test.  


What is a Pregnancy Blood Test

This is also referred to as the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin(hCG) test or Beta hCG Test commonly used to answer the progression and complications of pregnancy if any. This fertility answer test detects the hCG hormone production secreted by a temporary organ that develops during the first three months of the pregnancy on the top or side of the uterus. The transient existence of this 10-inch-long organ is around 9 months. The umbilical cord, vein, and placenta are important organs for carrying oxygenated oxygen and nutrients to the growing baby( fetus cell). Please keep in mind your placenta starts producing hCG hormone in your blood and urine between 11- 14 days of conception. Thus, the pregnancy blood test helps to interpret the outcomes and confirms the pregnancy results more accurately.

Generally, anything less than the 5 mIU/ mL hCG baseline is considered a negative pregnancy. However, serum hCG levels above 25 mIU/ mL indicate positive pregnancy, where mIU/ mL stands for milli-international units per mililiter. Schedule your bookings with Grace Laboratory for a quick re-test, if your serum hCG level lies between 6 and 26 mIU/ mL to get an accurate result. The range between 6- 26 mIU/ mL is regarded as a Grey Area.

Not only does the fertility blood test determine the positive hCG levels in the blood and urine produced by the trophoblast tissue but the hCG blood test will give you quantitative information about the average and expected hCG range in pregnant women. The hCG chemical starts to build after the egg is fertilized.

The chart shows the expected hCG level and how well your pregnancy is progressing.

Length of the Pregnancy 

Average/ Normal/ Expected hCG Level

5 weeks- 35 days

200- 7, 000 µ/L

6 weeks- 42 days

200- 32, 000 µ/L

7 weeks- 49 days

3,000- 1, 60, 000 µ/L

8- 12 weeks-  56 or 84 days

32,000- 2,10 µ/L

13- 16 weeks- 91 days or 112 days

9, 000- 210, 000 µ/L

29 weeks- 203 days

1, 4oo- 53, 000 µ/L

29 weeks to 41 weeks- 287 days

940- 60, 000 µ/L

What are the Different Types of Pregnancy Tests?

Until now we know that-

  • The fertilization of male and female eggs forms a zygote ( an embryo). The fertilized egg cell development( Zygote Stage Development) contains the DNA from the mother’s egg and half from the father’s cell. 
  • Pregnancy is a remarkable and emotional journey of ups and downs and there are different reasons to reach out the healthcare professionals for a pregnancy test. Moreover, be it any type of test, it looks for the amount of hCG hormone present in your bloodstream to confirm your pregnancy status.

There are two main types of  Pregnancy Blood Tests and the below paragraph discusses each one. 

Urine Test and Its Procedure- This is also known as “At- home pregnancy test”, and as the name suggests, collect your pee in a clean cup and place the drops of your pee on the pregnancy test strip using a dropper according to the instructions mentioned on its cover. 

  • Usually, the first pee in the morning after you miss your mensural cycle has concentrated hCG hormone and the strip test can give you 100% accurate results if performed correctly. 
  • The test process is inexpensive and takes 2 minutes to get the results. Once you receive two colored lines with the same thickness on the strip, no matter if you have a barely visible faint line, it confirms you are pregnant. 
  • The test confirms the hCG hormone only when the female is pregnant. Further, you need to consult your doctor immediately after it.

Blood Test and Its Procedure- This is the second type of pregnancy test which is performed by a skilled phlebotomist using intravenous therapy. A small amount of blood is extracted from your cubital fossa arm vein using a needle and is collected in a sterilized plastic or glass evacuated absorber tube. 

  • The collected blood is then sent to the laboratory to provide you with a more accurate answer along with the quantitive amount of Beta- hCG presence.
  • There are two types of hCG tests namely: Qualitative and Quantitative Blood tests. The Qualitative blood test determines a false-positive pregnancy whereas the Quantitative blood test shows the amount of hCG hormone present in your urine or blood.
  • Pregnancy Blood tests are usually performed after the urine blood test at home. Please note that it takes 2 hours- 2 days to get the reports.

Tips to Prepare for a Pregnancy Test- You can end up with inaccurate results if you take a pregnancy test within three days after missing your periodic menstrual cycle. Resist your tension and temptation for at least 10 days after conception. Please find out some tips before undergoing the pregnancy test.

  • Use clean hands and containers to conduct a urine blood pregnancy test and immerse the home pregnancy kit into the cup. Read and follow the same instructions written on its cover.
  • Don’t use an expired kit, instead buy a fresh pregnancy kit strip from your nearby medical store to get accurate detection of the hCG level in your body.
  • Avoid drinking water before the test as it can result in giving false- pregnancy result.
  • Pregnant women are not required to fast for a hCG test. 

Remember, conception and fertilization( implantation) of an embryo are two different processes.

Are there any Risks to the Test?- Both these tests( Urine and Pregnancy blood tests) are diagnostic tests that determine the presence of a special hormone. The results tend to be 99% accurate in determining false-positive pregnancy results. These diagnostic tests like home kit pregnancy tests or beta- hCG blood sampling tests do not have any kind of risks for pregnant women. You can feel a little bit of lightheaded and bruising symptoms during the quantitive human chorionic gonadotropin test for less than one minute. Afterward, it stops.

-It is important to know that both types of pregnancy tests confirm the same results.

-Ideally, you should check with your healthcare provider if you get positive pregnancy test results after 11- 12 days of conception.

Is There Anything Else I Need to Know About a Pregnancy Test?

Though pregnancy is a very complex procedure; however; it is considered a sensitive and emotional condition. Expected women have to undergo several succession of events and tremendous physical and physiological changes/modifications from the very beginning of the pregnancy. The period of life is also called a sensitive-window process. 

The quantitive hCG hormone information test is an important test to confirm your pregnancy and give you a detailed assessment of your health and your unborn baby’s health. The truth is there are many factors involved in normal pregnancy and Grace Laboratory in Vadodara can support you in this emotional journey and better birth( child) outcomes. 

Closing Statements- Get your schedule booked online for a Pregnancy Blood Test and increase the chances of having a normal and healthy pregnancy. Contact us at for accurate and 100% real reports on time. Above all, Grace Laboratory is only the designated pathology center that performs blood sample collection procedures at home.  

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pregnancy blood test price

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