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Health Checkup Packages for Senior Citizens (Female)

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Best Health Checkup for Senior Citizens in Vadodara
Best Health Checkup for Senior Citizens in Vadodara

Full Body Medical Check Up Package for Women 

Most women have to juggle between home and work, making their lives extremely busy and restless. Such busy lifestyles often invite health issues, culminating in serious threats over time.

Optimum health is paramount in everyone’s lives, be it a man or woman, young or old. Women are especially left with no time for self-care due to busy work and home life. Therefore, regular medical health checkups become crucial for women. 

The Importance of Health Check Ups for Female  

Here are some of the other benefits of regular medical health checkups for women:

  • Regular health checkups reduce the risk of major health-related issues and make it easier to maintain good health.
  • Providing your doctor with health history details makes diagnosis easier and more precise. 
  • It also helps women to be aware of their latest health conditions and precautions to be taken. 
  • Regular health checkups help detect and treat life-threatening health conditions in the early stages.
  • Since regular health checks can deal with major health issues efficiently in the early stages, medical expenditure costs are reduced.

Complete Health Checkup Package for Female 

Our full body medical check up package includes the following blood test for senior citizens: 

  • Diabetes 
  • Kidney function test 
  • Lipid profile 
  • Liver function test 
  • Thyroid 
  • Vitamin 
  • Routine test
  • Tumor marker 


It’s better to prevent health-related problems before they happen rather than deal with them later. Taking care of your health early on is important, especially for women, as many health issues can become serious if not addressed at the beginning.

We provide all types of blood tests for women above 45. We offer a full health checkup package for senior citizens at Rs. 3,700.  

If you need a blood test in Vadodara, you can visit us at Grace Laboratory and book an appointment. We also offer free home visits. 

Note: Fasting for 12 hours before undergoing these blood tests is essential.


1. Which tests are very important for women?

The following tests are really important for women: 

  • Thyroid Function Test
  • Lipid Panel Test
  • Blood Pressure Test
  • PAP Smear and Pelvic Examination
  • Mammogram

2. What are the health risks at 45?

Middle age’s most common health issues include joint pain, breathing problems, heart conditions, diabetes, urinary disorders, high blood pressure, mental health challenges, and strokes.

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