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Blood IgE Test in Vadodara

Doctors use an IgE blood test to determine if you have allergies like hay fever, asthma, or food allergies. They can also use this test to see if your treatment is working or to check how serious your allergic reaction is.

What is the Total IgE Test?

The “total IgE blood test” determines the overall quantity of immunoglobulin E (IgE) present in your bloodstream. IgE in the blood is an antibody that your body makes.  This test is a type of allergy blood test used to identify if you have any allergies. Individuals with allergies may exhibit an increased level of IgE in their blood compared to the typical range. In contrast, low levels may indicate immune deficiency.  

Specific IgE test 

The specific IgE test gauges the IgE levels triggered by specific allergens in your blood.


1. What is the IgE blood test used for? 

The primary purpose of the IgE blood test is to identify the presence of allergic reactions, which may include conditions like hay fever, asthma, and specific food allergies.

2. How much does a blood IgE test cost? 

The cost of an IgE test for allergy is ₹ 600.0 in Vadodara, Gujarat.  

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