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Is FNAC Test Spread Cancer

A common question or a query is always in the mind of the patient who has cancer or symptoms related to it; if they go out for an FNAC test, will their cancer spread if they do an FNAC test.

How Blood Test Is Done In Lab

You visit a laboratory to have updated blood test results. The expert takes blood and tells you to receive your blood report after a few hours. You get the report and go to your consultant and get to know where to improve and understand the root cause of your health issues.

How To Read Bcr Abl Quantitative Report

What Is BCR ABL? It is a mutation formed by the combination of two genes, namely BCR and ABL. The BCR gene’s chromosome number remains at 22, and the normal ABL gene is on chromosome number 9. The mutation between these happens when pieces of BCR and ABL genes break off and switch places.