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Is low calcium a sign of cancer?

Is low calcium a sign of cancer

Calcium is one of the most vital nutrients for our body because it forms and helps maintain healthy teeth and bones. Most consumed calcium is stored in bones and teeth, supporting skeletal function and structure. 

Low ferritin symptoms

Low ferritin levels

Ferritin is a protein that stores iron inside cells and releases it when your body needs it. Ferritin usually resides in your body cells; the greatest concentrations of ferritin are typically found in your liver and immune system cells. 

FBS and PPBS test

FBS and PPBS test

Diabetes has now become a global problem and is affecting many people around the world. Lifestyle factors like obesity and lack of exercise contribute to many adults getting diagnosed with type-2 diabetes. 

Can CBC test detect typhoid?

Can CBC test detect typhoid

Typhoid is one of the most important health concerns across the globe. It is said that a complete blood count test can help detect typhoid fever, but whether it is true also? 

Alkaline Phosphatase High

Alkaline Phosphatase

Abnormal ALP levels can occur naturally to some extent and not cause any underlying diseases. However, abnormal ALP levels can indicate severe medical conditions primarily related to the liver, bones, or kidney. 

Danger level of SGPT and SGOT – Different Range & Symptoms

Danger level of SGPT and SGOT

Danger level of SGPT and SGOT Our liver takes care of various metabolic functions in the body. Also, it detoxifies the blood and processes different waste products in the hemoglobin. Our liver produces and secretes various enzymes to conduct all these functions properly. Our liver produces two enzymes primarily: Serum glutamate pyruvate transaminase (SGPT)  And …

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