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How To Read Thyroid Test Results – Learn From The Technician

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When you look at your blood test reports all you can see are numbers and symbols and monstrous scientific terms that are too hard to understand. Grace Labs understands that reading test results and understanding what you or your loved one is diagnosed with is something that should come easily to you. This article will explain simple ways to understand the values, the range and the test results easily.

Reading Thyroid Blood Test Results.

Reading test results can be bewildering; they are just numbers until you can read and interpret them accurately. To read the tests reports, you will get the most insight from TSH – thyroid stimulating hormone.

TSH Value Interpretations

If you see the TSH values near the upper or lower range indicates a subclinical disorder. If the value stands outside of a “normal” range, it suggests a disorder.

The Value Of TSH As Per The Guidelines Issued By The AACE And ATA:

Between 4.7 and 10 milliunits per litre (mU/L) – subclinical low thyroid problem
When the range is above 10 mU/L – A common thyroid
If the range is between 0.1 and 0.5 mU/L – A subclinical overactive thyroid
if you see the range stated as less than 0.1 mU/L – An overactive thyroid

By comparing TSH with T4 values, you will get a clearer picture of thyroid issues. Learn how to compare High/Low TSH and T3/T4 Levels

Normal TSH and average T4 – Normal
Low TSH and high T4 – An overactive thyroid
High TSH and low T4 – An underactive thyroid
Low TSH and low T4 – Low thyroid function
A high TSH value and Low T3 value – Low function
A high T3 value and Low TSH value – An overactive thyroid

The TPOAb tests can help you confirm Hashimoto’s disease if the TSH is too high and the T4 is low. You can take an RT3 test, which will help you find problems you are facing with thyroid control. Another test called the Tg test is also helpful in knowing long-term treatment outcomes.

There are different types of tests, names, functions, and lab value ranges, and it gets confusing. It is crucial to clearly read, interpret and understand the test results to get the best possible treatment. Thyroid function tests, and their names and lab value ranges may seem confusing. If you are looking to get a blood test, visit our laboratory  Grace Labs, now open in Vadodara.

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