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How Blood Test Is Done In Lab

How Blood Test Is Done In Lab

You visit a laboratory to have updated blood test results. The expert takes blood and tells you to receive your blood report after a few hours. You get the report and go to your consultant and get to know where to improve and understand the root cause of your health issues.

The blood report aims to diagnose health problems.

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Pre-Preparation For Blood Test Results

If you aim to have the correct blood test results, follow the basics given below:

  • Follow the instruction of your healthcare advisor first; if they recommend something specific apart from the points given below.
  • Avoid eating food or drink (water is an exception) before the two hours of testing.
  • Do not smoke.
  • Do not engage in any sexual activity and avoid high-intensity exercises.
  • If you have any medicine going into routine use, ask the consultant a day before a blood test because, in most cases, it is not advisable to take pills before the blood test.

How Blood Test Is Done In Lab

The process of taking blood from your vein is known as venipuncture.

Venipuncture is a highly used method across most laboratories in India and abroad.

  • The expert will wrap your hand with the tourniquet.
  • Using the alcohol pad, the phlebotomist will find the vein to extract blood.
  • With the help of a disposable needle, the phlebotomist will extract your blood.
  • The phlebotomist will offer you a cotton piece to stop the bleeding.

You give your blood, leave, come back and receive the reports.

But how do they provide you with blood test results? Continue reading to find out.

How Your Blood Is Getting Tested

Your blood will get tested depending on the health issues you have.

The performer first checks the quantity of red and white blood cells.

The lab expert will put your blood sample into the machine to examine how it responds to light and collect data to define medical conditions.

If required, the tester will put blood into a centrifuge machine to spin the blood so the blood cells can go down to the bottom of the test tube.

This centrifuge technique helps find a substance that is not good for your metabolism. Furthermore, it also measures hormone levels and helps identify severe diseases like cancer.


We hope you understand how blood is done in the laboratory. The next time you have a blood test, you will be aware of the process and know what to expect. With this knowledge, you can be prepared for your next blood test and not feel nervous.

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