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Whether to address general health or prevent serious diseases, blood tests let doctors know what is going on within your four years old child’s body. Despite having strong immune systems, kids are still prone to several infections and disorders. 

Sometimes blood tests also help detect congenital and hereditary disorders. It is crucial to understand important blood tests for children to provide effective care to your child.

When is a blood test necessary for your child?

Your child’s pedestrian will order tests to look for signs that indicate underlying problems. Sometimes it is difficult to detect signs or symptoms on physical examination. The following are the common reasons responsible for blood tests:

  • To look for abnormalities in white and red blood cells and platelets. 
  • To detect bodily chemicals that trigger allergies
  • To detect a child’s blood group 
  • Screening for active infections 
  • To measure your kid’s blood sugar (in case your family has had a history of diabetes) 
  • To measure the levels of excretory products like urea to ensure the proper functioning of your child’s kidneys.

Blood tests for children 

Here is the list of the most common blood tests for kids that pediatricians recommend: 

  1. Complete blood cell count 
  2. Blood sugar tests 
  3. Blood grouping test
  4. Blood tests for allergies 
  5. Pediatric lipid profile 
  6. Hemoglobin test 
  7. Metabolic Panel 
  8. Tuberculosis screening  

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