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Full Body Checkup in Vadodara


18 to 45 years

Full body checkup cost in Vadodara

A complete body checkup is a must, especially for people with unhealthy dietary and lifestyle habits. A healthy body and mind keep you happy and energetic. And a full body checkup at regular intervals lets you know what’s happening within your body.

Get the best health checkup in Vadodara at Grace Laboratory. Our health checkup packages include everything from diabetes to lipid profile (For heart) to liver function test to thyroid.  

The cost for a full body checkup here is quite reasonable, i.e., Rs. 3000. The complete body checkup packages are available for ages 18 to 45. We also offer free home visits to our patients. 

Note: If you want to undergo a full body checkup, 12 hours of fasting is recommended before the checkup.

full body checkup cost in vadodara


1. Can a full body checkup detect cancer?

Yes, a full body checkup can detect cancer as it involves a thorough physical exam that examines the entire body. It can help detect cancers such as lung cancer and breast cancer. However, it cannot detect all types of cancer.

2. Can I eat before the medical checkup? 

Whether you can eat or not before the medical test depends on the type of test. However, fasting is not required for all tests. So, it is always better to ask your doctor for any queries.

3. What to eat before a medical test?

If the full body checkup includes blood glucose and lipid profile test, the doctor will usually ask you to fast before the checkup. In order to stay hydrated, you can drink plenty of water before the test.


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