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Is FNAC Test Spread Cancer

Does FNAC test spread cancer

A common question or a query is always in the mind of the patient who has cancer or symptoms related to it; if they go out for an FNAC test, will their cancer spread if they do an FNAC test.

Is FNAC Test Spread Cancer

FNAC—Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology is a test done by the pathologist if a person has a lump or bump in a superficial area of the body parts like the breast, axilla, or neck. If you face an issue like this, it is advisable to do an FNAC test because this lump could be cancer.

To understand if the FNAC test spreads cancer or not, you need to understand what its procedure includes.

FNAC Procedure

The pathologist to whom you choose for consultation inserts a needle into where you have the swelling problem, and with the help of a syringe, it takes out a small amount of tissue from the body.

The extracted tissue was placed on the slide for observation, and after analysis, an FNAC test report was provided to the patient.

FNAC test is painful, to be honest, as it takes out a tissue from your body. Also, the pathologist will not provide any kind of anaesthesia injection as the process hardly takes 1-2 minutes.

Post-Procedure Tips for FNAC Test

As mentioned in the FNAC procedure, this test is painful; even for 2 minutes, it does hurt.

Below are the tips you can follow before you go to the laboratory for your FNAC test report:

  • Eat a healthy meal, so you don’t feel weakness in your body after completing the test.
  • Once you reach home, take an ice cube and rub it on the area from where the pathologist has taken a tissue. It will reduce the pain significantly and faster than usual.

The AfterMath of FNAC Test

No medical treatment is 100% safe; there is always a risk, so if you are afraid or a pessimist about the risk that whether doing an FNAC test is secure or not is understandable.

Many oncologists worldwide shared that an FNAC test does not spread cancer in most cases. Yes, the exception is there, but it is very rare.


If you notice constant swelling in your body’s superficial areas. You should make an appointment in the nearby laboratory and if you live in Vadodara city, visit your nearest Grace Laboratory to get your check-up done.

It is better safe than sorry; hence, we recommend consulting a pathologist when you notice unnecessary and constant swelling issues.

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