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Can bp patients take the covid vaccine?

Covid-19 vaccine- BP

The covid vaccine has remained a topic of discussion ever since the vaccination procedure started across the world, more because of speculations and skepticism about the vaccine’s side effects.  

Moreover, the vaccination of people with pre-existing medical conditions elevated the debate and research across the globe. The same is the case with bp patients; people diagnosed yet to treat signs and symptoms of high blood pressure want to know if there are any side effects associated with the vaccine.  

Can Covid-19 vaccine affect your blood pressure?


The Covid-19 vaccine is unlikely to affect your blood pressure directly. However, a small fraction of people may experience an elevation in their blood pressure if they are extremely anxious. It can also happen if they have a strong pain response when they get a vaccine. 

Secondly, a sudden drop in blood pressure can be observed in a rare case of a severe allergic reaction to the vaccine. Therefore, waiting 10 to 15 minutes after getting the vaccine is a good idea, as these rare reactions usually occur within minutes after taking the vaccine. 

Mitigate risk factors for bp patients 

The risk of elevated blood pressure levels immediately after vaccination is a rare side effect of the vaccine. However, people with untreated signs and symptoms of hypertension are at significant risk. 

If you are on regular medications for high blood pressure, do not stop taking medicines before or after taking the Covid-19 vaccine, as it can lead to more complications. 

Therefore, it is recommended to get a diagnosis and begin treatment to reduce the risk factors for hypertension regarding the vaccine. 

Precautions to be taken by hypertension patients 

BP checking

Precautions to be taken before getting the vaccine with pre-conditions like high blood pressure: 

  • Take your medicines regularly.
  • Reduce salt-rich content in your diet 
  • Choose food healthy for your heart. 
  • Monitor and maintain blood pressure in the healthy range
  • Exercise and manage your weight. 
  • Quit smoking and alcohol consumption or at least reduce. 

Who should not take the vaccine? 

  • Those who have a history of allergies
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women 
  • Those who have very weak immunity 
  • People suffering from serious health conditions and declared unfit for vaccination by the supervising healthcare officer. 

It is advised to consult a doctor in either of the cases before taking the covid vaccine. 

Bottom line

Every individual has a unique anatomy and functioning, which makes it difficult to predict the exact nature and severity of Covid 19 vaccine side effects. And to say the least, many people, even those with hypertension, have taken vaccines in India, reflecting covid vaccine is safe. 

Yet no conclusive data or evidence confirms if hypertension patients are at high risk of Covid-19 vaccine side effects. Therefore, to be safe, taking a vaccine is better than exposing yourself to the risk of getting a Covid infection. 

However, you must consult a doctor before vaccination to clear your doubts if you have pre-existing conditions like high blood pressure. 

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