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FBS and PPBS test

FBS and PPBS test

Diabetes has now become a global problem and is affecting many people around the world. Lifestyle factors like obesity and lack of exercise contribute to many adults getting diagnosed with type-2 diabetes. 

PPBS is one of the most important tests that help detect diabetes and manage it. The FBS test also does the same thing, which is to diagnose prediabetes or diabetes, or gestational diabetes. In this article, we discuss PPBS along with the FBS test in detail. 

What are the PPBS and FBS blood tests? 

FBS tests

Postprandial means “after a meal.” The postprandial blood sugar test measures the blood glucose level precisely 2 hours after you start taking a meal. On the other hand, FBS is a Fasting blood sugar test done in the morning before the person has eaten. 

Both tests help screen for prediabetes, type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes, and other types of diabetes. 

How to prepare for FBS and PPBS tests? 

You should avoid eating or drinking (Except for water) for 8 to 12 hours to prepare for a fasting glucose test. Your healthcare provider will let you know for how long you should fast.  

Generally, the FBS test precedes 2 hours before the PPBS test. Twelve hours of fasting is required before the FBS test, after which a healthy breakfast is taken, and then the PBBS test is conducted two hours later. 

One can consume water before the PBBS test. It is crucial to rest during the 2 hours of the waiting period between breakfast and blood collection for the PBBS test.   

Is the FBS or PPBS test conducted during pregnancy?

FBS & PPBS blood tests in pregnancy

The PPBS test is generally conducted to check for gestational diabetes in pregnant women. Gestational diabetes is a high blood sugar (diabetes) that starts or may be found during pregnancy. 

Glucose screening test or, say, fasting glucose test also screens for gestational diabetes in pregnant women. 

Bottom Line

In conclusion, the fasting blood sugar test and the postprandial blood sugar test measure blood glucose at a specific time. These tests help you detect diabetes. Your doctor may recommend you undergo either of these tests during pregnancy to screen for gestational diabetes

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