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What is an HGT blood test – Purpose and when to conduct test

What is an HGT blood test

The HGT blood test

Glucose levels in the blood can signify a severe medical condition if they are too high or too low. The HGT (Hemo Glucose Test) blood test helps monitor the glucose level in the blood. This test is crucial for diabetes management. Simply put, it keeps an eye on your blood sugar levels if they are in a healthy range. 

High glucose levels in the blood are known as hyperglycemia. For instance, a high glucose concentration can imply diabetes, a disease that can cause severe long-term health conditions. On the other hand, low blood glucose levels are commonly seen in people with type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes, those who take medicines for diabetes. 

Liver diseases can also cause low blood glucose levels in people without diabetes, which is very uncommon. However, if not treated on time, severely low blood sugar can be fatal and lead to significant health issues like seizures and brain damage. Therefore, the HGT blood test is a must for people with diabetic risk.

What does the HGT blood test do?

The HGT test determines the glucose level in your blood. Your doctor generally recommends checking your blood for diabetes or pre-diabetes. 

Glucose is your body’s primary energy source converted from carbohydrates that you intake. The HGT blood test lets diabetic patients know whether they need to change their diet, exercise, or medicines. 

When to conduct the HGT test

People with the following conditions should get their HGT test done:

  1. Type 1 Diabetes
  2. High blood sugar
  3. Low blood sugar
  4. Pregnancy 

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