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Can A Normal Blood Test Detect Pregnancy?

Can a normal blood test detect pregnancy

For most of the women, it becomes a case of worry when they miss their periods or periods are late. Of course, pregnancy is not the only thing that can cause a late or skipped period; there could also be some other reason. But what to do in such scenarios? Or how to confirm whether you are pregnant or not? Can a normal blood test detect your pregnancy? Not to worry; this article discusses how pregnancy can also be detected by a simple blood test. 

When a woman is pregnant, a hormone called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is secreted in her body. This hormone rapidly increases in women’s bodies during pregnancy. The blood pregnancy test is mostly a quantitative blood test; it is used to measure how much HCG is in your blood. A simple blood sample is taken from one of your veins to test your blood for HCG; this  procedure is called venipuncture. In simple words, the amount of this hormone in your blood confirms whether you are pregnant or not.

When To Take Blood Pregnancy Test

Usually, women can find out their pregnancies by a urine-based home pregnancy test. The home pregnancy test measures HCG in urine instead of blood. But the blood pregnancy test can be used for women at a higher risk for miscarriage or tubal pregnancy. When the fertilized egg remains in the fallopian tubes instead of being in the uterus – the actual place, it is called tubal pregnancy. 

Sometimes, a doctor cannot detect the pregnancy instantly on an ultrasound despite the fact that your home pregnancy test showed positive results. In such cases, a doctor may take your blood sample to conduct a blood pregnancy test. The doctor can confirm whether it is a healthy pregnancy or miscarriage or tubal pregnancy aftre checking the change in HCG levels. 

Blood Pregnancy Test At Home

But how to do a blood test for pregnancy at home? Is it even possible? These questions must have come across your mind after reading above that the doctor conducts the blood pregnancy test. 

Well, it is true that a doctor is needed to perform a proper HCG blood test; they can examine the blood more accurately than a layman. And we also advise you to test your blood for pregnancy at a doctor’s office only. It is good to be careful while making such decisions to avoid harmful consequences.  In conclusion, yes, a normal blood test can detect pregnancy and can also be done at home.  However, it is highly recommended that you get your blood pregnancy test done from a doctor only.  If you are concerned about your pregnancy test or still have doubts regarding blood tests for pregnancy; please visit us at Grace Laboratory

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