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How To Read RT PCR Test Report

How To Read RT PCR Test Report

RT PCR report is a fast-resulting test used to detect the presence of specific genetic material within a given sample. This genetic material primarily exists in humans, bacteria, and viruses like SARS-CoV-2.

RT PCR Test Report

Once the sample is collected for the RT PCR test, it is treated until it is stripped down, and only the genetic material is left. This genetic material is then converted into DNA using the Reverse Transcription Method because DNA is the only genetic material whose amplification is possible. Amplification of genetic material plays an essential role in generating the RT PCR results in the report. First of all, RNA is converted into DNA because only DNA can get multiplied. A specific enzyme converts RNA into DNA. After that, DNA is amplified up to the point when it has enough quantity of the target sections of the viral DNA to obtain accurate RT PCR test results. 

RT PCR test report sample

Some of the most common Covid-19 virus symptoms are fever, cough, breathing issues, constant body pain, fatigue, loss of smell or taste, and others. In many cases, many Covid-19 patients were asymptomatic, implying that you might not show any disease symptoms even if you are Covid-19 positive. Therefore, going for an RT-PCR test would be wise if you have come in contact with somebody suffering from Covid-19. The RT PCR report will clear your doubts. 

RT PCR test report's normal range here

The RT PCR report can either show negative or positive results. If the report has a positive value, there is a high possibility that you have the Covid-19 virus infection. But not necessarily; the positive value only shows that you can be asymptomatic or showing symptoms. But it is highly recommended to immediately go to your doctor if the infection stays more than two weeks or if the symptoms only worsen. Many times, people recover safely at home also. 

If the report has a negative value, you are most likely not infected with the Covid-19 virus. Or put it this way, you were not infected at the point you gave the sample. When the virus is just incubating, you may test negative during this period. You should take another RT PCR test if you develop symptoms even after being tested negative. 

The CT value in your RT PCR report is ‘Cycle Threshold.’ This cyclic threshold is the number of cycles taken to detect fluorescence over the background signal. In other words, the CT value demonstrates the number of cycles it took to determine the viral load. 

  1. > 35: If the CT value exceeds 35, the report will likely be negative. Or, as aforementioned, the virus can be in its initial stage. 
  2. 25-35: If the CT value is between 25 to 35, you might show symptoms or be asymptomatic. In either case, you need to isolate yourself and start medication. There is a possibility of high load and transmissibility. 
  3. < 25: IF the CT value is less than 25, you have a high viral load, and it has a high probability of transmissibility. In this case, you shall immediately isolate yourself and seek medical assistance. 

If you are showing any symptoms or have been in contact with someone infected with Covid-19, we highly recommend you get tested immediately. For more medical information, visit us at Grace Laboratory

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