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A Quick Guide on a/g Ratio in Liver Function Test

A Quick Guide on ag Ratio in Liver Function Test

The liver is the largest solid organ weighing between 3 and 3.5 pounds within our body. This most essential part of our body organ performs more than 100 vital functions from the body’s blood supply to creating all indispensable nutrients. As we know this organ is approximately a cone/wedge-shaped reddish-brown structure present right above the abdomen. Conversely; if your liver is dy-functioning, it is predominately important to have an a/g ratio in liver function test from a professional healthcare clinic providing valuable acumen into your organ.

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There has been a lot of attention given to many liver diseases; however; here I request you to please visit the other components of the article listed below as there are 100 types of liver problems ignored that need immediate action.

Is the a/g ratio in Liver Function Test and the a/g Ratio Normal Range Test the Same?

The Albumin/ Globulin is a routine blood test performed to measure the amount of vital protein present inside the body. These are two major types of proteins produced by the critical organ, the liver. The  a/g ratio in the liver Function Test is one of the most essential explanations and evaluations of deep-rooted medical health conditions. An a/g ratio normal range typically means 35 to 52 g/L with slight variations in the reference value. 

Proteins Levels

Ratio/ Concentration

Total Proteins

5.5 to 9.0 g/dl


3.5 to 5.5 g/dl


2.0 to 3.5 g/dl

The range of A/G ratio and intervals plays a vital role in determining the health problems associated with the liver and the kidney, including certain cancers and multiple auto-immune issues. Hence; this statistical test aids in providing information about your metabolic panel particularly associated with the liver and the kidney.

What is the Total Protein in a/g ratio Normal Range?

The range can vary from one laboratory to another laboratory; however, the comparison of high- low A/G indicates Albumin and Globulin counts present in the blood serum of an individual. Under normal circumstances, the balance of a healthy serum A/G diagnostic ratio should be around 1 to 2, contemplating the broader picture of your virtuous physical function. The normal protein level is generally 60- 80 g/l to maintain the state of homeostasis and blood sugar levels.

  • Albumin proteins- The Albumin serum is a soluble protein and the most abundant plasma content facilitating the movement of osmotic pressure. Albumin has a different structure compared with Globulin proteins present in the blood- cells of all vertebrates. 
  • Globulin proteinsEach globulin- The alpha Globulin, the beta- Globulin, and the gamma- Globulin have a complex property of subsequent protein heterogeneous variabilities. Moreover; depending on their types they play significant and diverse roles in the blood serum. 

Clinical Significance- 

  1. Hypoalbuminemia occurs when the body is not able to produce enough Albumin proteins.
  2. Immune disorder conditions take place when the Globulin reading changes to low.

Hence, having a strong organ network system and stabilized harmony in the body tends to reduce the risk of immunodeficiency disorders and various contagious diseases. Your probiotics efforts for your body will strengthen your immune system and step to a/g ratio normal range or healthy AGR reports.

What if a A/G ratio is High?

Please understand the clinical significance of term G in the A/G ratio which identifies the underlying health cause and disorders. Albumin is a simple protein made in the liver  that enters the blood streams to prevent the leakage of blood in arteries, veins, and capillaries. The other protein Globulins is an insoluble protein made by your immune system; hence, the albumin and globulin concentration in humans is important. Therefore; if the test results above 2.5 are examined as a high A/G ratio.

There are a range of health conditions if your G ratio measured is high resulting in proper diagnosis and medical treatments.

Conditions Linked if a G ratio is HighIn many cases if the total protein ratio is high, above the a/g ratio Normal Range Test then there is a higher risk of chronic inflation due to dehydration and certain bone/ blood cancer tumors like lymphoma and Myeloma affecting the immune system cells. Moreover, the imbalance in the ratio can also result in fatal kidney disease and Hemolytic anemia disorder in the Red Blood Cells(RBCs).

It is highly recommended to contact the best-experienced healthcare physician for your overall health and test results.

What if a A/G ratio is Low?

In any Immune system activity, proteins made up of amino acids are the backbone of the body’s defense mechanism against any infectious disease. The components and concentration of AG protein levels in the body determine the disturbance in the liver or the kidney conditions and specific adaptive response. The clear blood fluid- Serum, and total protein including the ratio of Albumin and Globulin monitors high or low /G ratios; hence, let me delve into proper clarity of low A/G components. 

Conditions Linked if a G ratio is Low-  The condition or disorder of a very low A/G concentration is called Hypoalbuminemia which can lead to a serious health problem. In adult humans, Hypoalbuminemia kidney disease is one of the most common and severe infection complications that can increase the risk of circulatory collapse and other associated complications such as nutritional deficits and nephrotic syndrome.

Moreover; the low serum albumin level can be an independent prognostic indicator of the blockage of blood vessels causing acute Ischemic stroke disability. Hence; in other words, we can say that the proteins and serum ratio reflects many chronic asympomatic diseases corresponding to the a/g ratio in Liver Function Test. 

Therefore; it is essential to undergo a comprehensive regular physical check-up of your body once a year as a part of prevention and cure. Please note that the test reports and results may be different and vary from one individual to the next depending on your health problems, age, and gender. 

What is the Purpose of a/g ratio in Liver Function Test?

Do know that the solid organ; Liver is one of the major metabolic biological structures that gamuts our overall health and maintains our blood-glucose level. As we know, the measurement of two very important proteins- Albumin and Globulin in blood cells is associated with long-standing dreadful conditions of the Liver and Kidney. The imbalance concentration and comparison of abnormal protein levels are important to suspect that indicates the comprehensive health-related concerns and physical conditions.

 In the context of your healthy lifespan, the A/G ratio should often be conducted to detect nutritional deficiencies and other health problems. It is important for you to typically fast for 8- 10 hours before the blood- test so that the doctor can measure and determine the accurate amount of sugar/ glucose level. It is crucial to gauge the significance of Albumin and Globulin liver tests as it is completely associated with your overall fitness and wellness.

The qualified and experienced phlebotomist expert can check and determine your a/g ratio in liver function test that are cause for concern. Moreover; you can also get a complete guide for your endurance and recovery.  


Now, as we understand the significance of the Liver, Albumin, and Globin in the human body, forestalling any liver problems and infections, reach the Grace Medical Services Private Limited based in Vadodara, Gujarat. The renowned diagnostic center can monitor and measure any liver- disorders and liver-related diseases and can play a salient part in initiating the a/g ratio normal range. You can go for routine surveillance and diagnosis and resolve your health issues before time.

We recommend each one of you experience our medical test laboratory with accurate and reliable A/G comparison results automated with the latest technologies. 

“ Being Healthy is a great success and all of us forget to celebrate.”


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