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Know All About What is Covid Variant BF 7 in Detail

New Covid variant in India: BF.7

In December 2019, coronavirus disease(COVID-19) was detected in the most populous city of China, Wuhan. The report and authors say that Wuhan, the major industrial and commercial city in the People’s Republic of China was responsible for the massive outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic around the world. The contemporary city located in mainland China rapidly spread the COVID-19 variant to other majority countries of the world including India, resulting in 7, 010,681 confirmed deaths so far as of 2024. The pernicious coronavirus has been constantly changing giving birth to prominent strains and pre-dominating sub-variants. It has been estimated that there are around 10 major variants and bf 7 was a new mutant rapidly transferring to people. Moreover, according to the studies, the current surge of Covid Variant bf 7 strain in China is believed to be detected in India as well. Interestingly, the virus can spread from person to person; however, the risk of animals spreading it is extremely minimal/ rare.

How Dangerous is Coronavirus BF.7 Variant- Covid Variant bf 7 is a highly infectious COVID-19 omicron variant among the coronavirus mutant that can spread quickly to 10- 12 people in a short incubation period. As it went on, the experts believed that the sudden decrease in the Beta variant gave a surge to bf 7 acute respiratory syndrome virus. This mutated strain was identified in 2022 in India whose RO value is counted as 10-18.6 and has an expeditious rate of transmission quality. The new Omicron rapidly accelerated worldwide in the next few months targeting the elderly or young people and pregnant females. The bf. 7 traits recorded the highest omicron rate transmissibilities infecting millions of people across the globe. In addition to that, this mutant having a high infectivity rate characteristics creates a vicious cycle of taking thousands of lives every day. Despite not being deadly under medical observation, affected patients were advised to follow precautionary measures to reduce the risk of coronavirus bf. 7 mutant.

covid BF 7

Coronavirus New Variant -BF.7 Symptoms- When COVID-19 first came, the acute respiratory syndrome virus spread rapidly and unpredictably causing severe respiratory illness. It was reported that the pneumonia-like illness emerged from Wuhan and other parts of China and later proliferated to other parts of the world. Moreover, it was identified that SARS-CoV-2 is the virus that caused the infectious disease SARS and COVID-19. The constant replication of SARS-CoV-2 RNA (genome mutation) transmitted from person to person, resulted in the course of the pandemic. The viral genome from a single Pango lineage system is called a covid variant/ strain. Researchers and scientists discovered that the virus tends to replicate and reproduce 3% of its RNA copies through the dangerous mutation process. Prominent mutated versions of the virus were classified into different categories and the World Health Organisation named them using the Greek letters( nomenclature) like Alpha, Beta, Omicron. However, as the subject of the article, let us understand more about BF .7 strain along with the wide range of severe traits and major symptoms below.

  • The infectious virus has a high chance of transmission and respiratory infection. Moreover, the fever can last for 10 days.
  • The deadly virus can affect other parts of the body,
  • Patients will have difficulty breathing( Shorth breathe).
  • High fever and fatigue.
  • Constant muscle pain and discomfort,
  • Vomiting and Nausea,
  • Loss of taste, smell and appetite,
  • Sore throat, cold, cough and sneezing,
  • Joint pains and extreme weakness.

According to an epidemiological update, the number of  SARS-CoV-2  virus cases has declined globally since January 2024. The cases found from the new COVID strain are minimal and symptoms are more likely the same as other previous mutated variants. However, there are potential chances of being infected or reinfected, book your scheduled test immediately at home from Grace Laboratory which is one of the leading pathologists in Gujarat. The laboratory stands among the best pathology centers in India at an affordable price to everyone. Book Now !!.

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How to Prevent Yourself from COVID-19 BF.7 Variant- The severe acute respiratory syndrome’s new strains are not significantly different from the old COVID-19 virus mutants. India witnessed two COVID waves, the first wave of coronavirus came in the year 2020, and the second wave was observed in the year 2021 respectively. As we discussed aforementioned the SARS-CoV2 multiples on a single-strand RNA by making millions of potent and harmful copies of itself. The multiplication of SARC-CoV2 is behind the worldwide pandemic. The first acute respiratory syndrome virus was nomenclature as the Alpha strain. It has been documented that the Omicorn variant including the BF. 7 sub-variant has high transmitting characteristics because of a greater number of mutation processes on its spike protein than the other mutants observed so far. Moreover, it has a very small incubation period, resulting in a global pandemic breakthrough infecting more people in a shorter time. Though dodged with the rapid infectivity-biological transmitting trait, here, you can consider some imperative measures to prevent yourself from Covid Variant bf 7.

  • Despite the fact, that we may have learned protective measures to prevent ourselves from being infected; however, the best way to deal with the contagious virus is mRNA vaccines. These vaccines can increase your immune system and safeguard you from dying.
  • It is important to take two booster doses to defend against the deadly disease and stimulate your immune system to prevent death from SARC- CoVs virus.
  • Wearing a face mask and covering your body is another precautionary method to reduce the risk of life-threatening illness and serious complications. 
  • Make sure you avoid exposing to restraint the risk of the virus. 
  • Track your immune system and health through a self-care kit and stay away from people while sneezing or coughing.
  • The practice of being positive can get through each day.
  • India has advanced and administered COVID testing available to all citizens to stop the further spread of the Covid Variant bf 7.
  • Most importantly awareness and management are the best responsible and precautionary measures to eradicate acute respiratory syndrome.


  • 1. What is the latest variant of COVID?

    As we discussed Covid Variant bf 7 in detail, it is anticipated that 91 cases of the new Civid- 19 variant, KP. 2 have been reported in Maharastra as of May 2024. Doctors reported that this new Omircon sub-mutant is more transmissible causing respiratory illness. Schedule your appointment with India’s best pathology lab, Grace Laboratory at the earliest to get a PCR( Polymerase Chain Reaction) test done. 

  • 2. Are the new Covid variants more contagious?

    The Covid pandemic has slowed slightly; however, scientists and doctors reported that the KP. 2 acute respiratory syndrome virus is more contagious. The sub-variant will cause loss of taste and smell including nasal congestion and appetite loss/ decrease.

  • 3. Does the existing COVID vaccine provide protection against variant BF-7?

    Booster doses of mRNA( Messenger RNA) vaccination are safer and tend to decrease the Omicron strain BF-7 infection. These are unique mass-produced vaccines that work with our DNA and play different roles in our bodies. mRNA vaccines injected inside your body instruct the muscle cells on how to make spike proteins( harmless pieces of COVID-19) to trigger an immune response and destroy the virus. 

  • 4. Is variant BF-7 more severe in terms of illness compared to other variants?

    The subvariant has a high potential to quickly reach people and become more immunologically evasive by mutation. The Omicron mutant reinfects people with weak immune systems or people having cancer, kidney, or heart disease.

  • 5. Are travel restrictions or public health measures being implemented due to variant BF-7?

    The new COVID strain is quicker to transmit and has evasive immunological characteristics; therefore, certain travel restrictions were implemented such as people were requested to wear face masks, certain state-wise restrictions were imposed, travel guidelines and screening details were circulated among the passengers, mandatory social distancing during the journey, etc. 

  • 6. How can I stay updated on developments related to COVID variant BF-7?

    Most of the symptoms were similar to other omicron strains; however, those affected with variant BF-7 can show symptoms like diarrhea, running nose, fever, cough with phlegm, and respiratory tract infection. You can get updated and informed by following the information given by reliable solutions and trusted media partners.

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