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Importance of Blood Group In Humans

Importance of Blood Group In Humans

Do you know your blood group? A blood group is important because you have no idea when or where your blood can save someone’s life.

Importance of Blood Group In Humans

A, B, AB, and O are the most common blood group in human beings. Which one do you have? It is better to visit a nearby laboratory and get your blood group checked if you don’t know.

Each individual on this planet has different blood groups, and since 1900 medical science has been using the ABO system to define the various blood groups.

Find out about blood groups and their importance in detail in this article.

All About Blood Groups

The blood is a fusion of reds blood cells, white blood cells and platelets contained in a liquid called plasma. Antibodies and antigens in the blood help determine your blood group.

All types of blood groups:

  • A
  • B
  • AB
  • O

A “+” or “-” sign in the blood group is defined based on the presence of RhD(rhesus D) antigen. It’s a molecule that is available on the blood surface. If a human has it, that means the blood group is positive(+); if not, it’s negative(-).

Importance of Blood Group

There is always a need for blood donors to save someone’s life. One wrong transfusion can cost one’s life, so knowing the blood group is vital before donating.

You can not donate blood if your blood group is A+ and the receiver has a B+ blood group. It can worsen the patient’s condition; therefore, be careful before donating blood to anyone.

People with the “O” blood group, on the other hand, are a different case; people with this blood group do not have any A or B antigens in their blood, which makes them suitable for people with A and B blood groups.

However, if the “O” blood group requires blood, only people with the “O” blood group can save the patient.

Hence, knowing your blood group is extremely important.


It’s not like your blood group changes every month, year or decade. Therefore it is better to visit a lab nearby and get your blood group report. Keep a copy of your report inside your phone in case of emergency, as you might be able to save someone’s life.

If you live in Baroda and want to identify your blood group, visit the Grace Laboratory branch closest to your location.

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