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Spotlighting the Key Pointers on MPV Blood Test High

Spotlighting the Key Pointers on MPV Blood Test High

Blood indeed has a multitude of essential functions and there are several reasons why it is the most important fluid in a human body. Also, it is an absolute truth that with the frenetic pace of the modern hustle and bustle of life, our health has become a sideline narrative confronting health threats and chronic diseases. This addressed imperative has impacted environmental sustainability, social dimensions, mental status, and unjust quality of life.

Key Highlights of the Article- It is necessary to get your health- checked by a renowned practicing physician and this is why a Full Body Checkup comes into the picture. Please note that MPV( Mean Platelet Volume) is a part of the CBC test(Complete Blood Count) that helps in measuring the average size of your platelets. 

Here, in this article, we have explained what is an MPV Blood Test and suggested the conditions related to an MPV Blood Test High. Hence, please scroll down to get easy-to-understand answers and valuable insights related to these topics. 

What is an MPV Blood Test? Taking proactive steps by investing time in comprehensive health screening helps in preventing future illness and underlying cardiovascular health problems to cancer risk. Embrace your journey to better health and get valuable information about platelet size and function by undergoing a Platelet count blood test which stands for Mean Platelet Volume. Platelets are the smallest and most vital components of blood cells made in your bone marrow( a spongy-like tissue). Platelets help in blood clotting and stop the bleeding at the site of injury. They are so small in size that they can only be under a microscope and thus it is important to undergo a platelet count test and treatment to maintain a normal platelet level.

Conditions Associated with High and Low MPV Levels


Anatomy of Platelets- The average size of the tiny platelets that are not visible to our naked eye is 2 micrometers in diameter. These blood cell components are called Thrombocytes which are normally in their “non-active form” and transform into the “active form” through the signals of blood vessels at the level of tissue injury. These disc-shaped blood cell fragments resemble an octopus or spider because of the extended thin-long projection of blood cell fragments. It is important to note that platelet cells are the first responders facilitating the hemostasis process( blood clot) when activated. Furthermore, apart from promoting coagulation and hemostasis, these colorless cell fragments also play a crucial role in the wound healing process.

Therefore, a  Mean Platelet Volume is an important health test tool revealing the mysteries of abnormal platelet counts formed in your blood vessels indicating various medical conditions. The below paragraph will demystify the elucidation of the mean platelet normal range along with the lower MPV and high MPV counts.

Interpretation of MPV Blood Test High, Normal, and Low Platelet Levels –

Platelets, found in the bloodstream are an integral part of angiogenesis, thrombi( blood clotting clumps), immune modulation, and wound healing process at vascular sites or trauma. Under a complete blood count test( CBC), the MPV blood test complements the information on the volume and size of the platelet numbers. There are two abnormal stages either high thrombocyte levels produced by the bone marrow or low platelet counts. The rate of platelet production( quantity) detects health disorders from acute infections to inflammatory diseases and cardiovascular problems. Let us understand both conditions(thrombocytopenia and thrombocytosis) in detail. Before proceeding, please note that the thrombocyte counts or number may vary from instrument to instrument and one laboratory to another; however, the average platelet count along with their respective conditions are mentioned below.

Normal Platelet Count-

  • The average tiny platelet distribution width should range between 15o,000 to 450,000 per microliter of blood volume. 
  • The range of 7 to 12 femtoliters( a unit of volume) falls under the normal Mean Platelet Count. These normal platelet count helps in preventing bleeding disorders and indicate chronic health conditions like bone marrow disorders. 
  • The liquid part of the blood( platelets) forms a temporary plug and releases clotting proteins like Prothrombin, Fibrinogen, and Fibrin along with other substances to become a blood clot over the injury area. 

MPV Blood Test High- 

  • In particular, more than 12 platelet femtoliters circulating in your bloodstream indicate an abnormal increase in platelet production. The high MPV count is also known as secondary thrombocytosis.
  • The apparent condition generally suggests that bone marrow is producing many young platelets due to a permanent change in the gene’s DNA sequence(genetic mutation). Abnormalities in MPV value can lead to thrombocytosis conditions like excessive bleeding and chronic inflammatory disorders.
  • There are two types of thrombocytosis or high MPV value conditions which are commonly known as essential thrombocythemia and reactive thrombocytosis. If these conditions are left untreated, they can lead to cancer, auto-immune disorders, blood loss, rheumatoid arthritis, heart strokes, and hemolytic anemia.
  • Consult a practicing healthcare professional if you are facing regular headaches, constant chest pain, bloody stool, and burning in your hands and feet to get the best treatment options.

Low MPV Level- 

  • The platelet count is less than 8 femtoliters usually appears when the platelets are destroyed. The deficiency of the platelet counts is also caused due to age-related factors when the platelets are getting older. 
  • Thrombocytopenia conditions occur when the bone marrow has slowed down the platelet production level due to bone marrow failure or damage that can lead to genetic abnormalities. People at high altitudes may be a risk of low MPV levels. 
  • This can lead to iron deficiency anemia, an inflammatory disease called Lupus, myelodysplastic syndromes, aplastic anemia, or underactive thyroid( Hypothyroidism). 
  • Bleeding is hard to stop for people facing thrombocytopenia condition as the platelet count falls between 21,000- 51,000 microliters of blood. The symptoms are bleeding or swollen gum, prolonged blood bleeding in vomit, frequent nosebleeds, or constant bleeding in the joints. 

Many conditions determine the average size of your platelet count like lifestyle, food habits, medical conditions, or tissue damage. Therefore, to get comprehensive information on high MPV, low MPV, and normal range, it is crucial to consult your healthcare expert and undergo an appropriate course of action to ensure optimal well-being and longevity.


Risk Prospects Associated with an MPV Blood Test

Until now, we have understood that a Platelet count test helps to identify unforeseen health challenges from chronic potential diseases to serious illnesses. This health screening test is a wake-up call to detect medical complications and control your health concerns. However, the paragraph will give information on the risks associated with an MPV blood test.

This is one of the minimum-risk health screening tests performed by a practicing medical doctor or Phlebotomist. The technician will collect the blood from the superficial veins like basilic, median, or cephalic veins near the cubital fossa area. The disinfected area is rubbed with alcohol to reduce the risk of infection from external microbes. However, you may feel slight bruising at the venipuncture spot. The blood-collecting procedure is a natural healing process with valuable diagnostic information and treatment decisions.

Make health your personal choice by prioritizing the significance of blood tests in the pace of contemporary living and safeguarding your well-being. This holistic approach can exacerbate the proper functioning of the organ tissues and set the stage for a brighter and more vibrant tomorrow.

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