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Viral Infection



Viral Infection Blood Test

The viral infection text is a blood test for fever or a fever profile blood test that analyzes a blood sample to detect whether or not a virus is present in the patient’s blood. It gets determined by asking the patient to provide a blood sample. This fever test can diagnose a wide variety of viral infections, including Ebola as well as the typical cold and influenza. In addition, the viral fever blood test may be used to determine whether or not an individual has developed an immunity to a virus, and it is used to monitor the course of an infection brought on by a virus.

This viral fever test analyzes the levels of a wide variety of blood components, such as the Complete Blood Count (CBC) to determine the number of white blood cells, the Elevated Sedimentation Rate (ESR) to determine whether or not an infection is present, and the Malarial Parasite Test (MP). In addition, it involves performing the WIDAL test, measuring the levels of C-reactive protein (CRP) and serum glutamic pyruvic transaminase (SGPT).

The taking of this blood test for viral fever does not require any prior preparation and may be completed in a couple of minutes at most. So long, tedious, and uncomfortable Urine Routine!

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